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After Care Products

After Care Tattoo Products


    CBD Glide Ointment 6oz INKEEZE

    CBD Glide Tattoo Ointment, 6 oz. INKEEZE CBD is a non-psychoactive extract of hemp. When used topically, CBD offers many benefits: pain relief, reduced muscle soreness, and lessening of inflammation. It is also a powerful antioxidant that encourages...

  • Inkeeze healing after spray

    INKEEZE Tattoo Aftercare Spray 2oz

    INKEEZE Tattoo Aftercare Spray 2oz Yes, that is right a healing spray. This revolutionary healing spray is a petroleum-free healing spray. With minimal touch, you can get the moisture you need without rubbing on a thick product that may clog your pores...

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  • INKEEZE Tattoo Daily Moisturizer 4oz

    INKEEZE Tattoo Daily Moisturizer 4oz

    INKEEZE Tattoo Daily Moisturizer 4oz This fragrance free tattoo moisturizer is a product specifically formulated to keep your tattoo protected while reducing fading and looking good on an ongoing basis. Keeping your skin hydrated is a key component in...

  • inkeeze healing cream

    INKEEZE Tattoo Healing Cream

    INKEEZE Tattoo Healing Cream Our specially formulated cream-based tattoo aftercare includes vitamins a, c and e, soybean, sunflower, oat, licorice, cucumber, green tea, cranberry, sweet almond and pomegranate extract to be absorbed by the skin to...

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