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Axys Rotary

  •  Fehu machine by Axys  Fehu Rotary by Axys

    Fehu machine by Axys

     Fehu machine by Axys The Axys Fehu is, without a doubt, the best non-give cartridge style rotary tattoo machine on the market.  Firstly it gives you the ability to work over a wide...

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  • AXYS Rotary Tattoo Machine AXYS Rotary

    AXYS Rotary Tattoo Machine

    AXYS Rotary Tattoo Machine The machine at heart is a direct drive, however it offers many cutting edge features, while bringing a couple nobody else does in one single package. Not only is it at...

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  • Axys Valhalla Pen Axys Tattoo Pen

    Axys Valhalla Pen

    Valhalla Pen by Axys  Pre Order Only!!! February 14th 2019 for orders to begin shipping. (Ship date provided by Axys Rotary and could change) We have now been told that the release date is...

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