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Stencil Stuff

  • Needlejig | Stencil stuff

    Stencil Stuff

    Stencil Stuff As a tattoo artist, you know how important it is to get a clear, crisp stencil as a base for your masterpiece. Stencil Stuff gets the job done every time! For longer lasting...

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  • spray stuff | needlejig

    Spray Stuff

    Spray Stuff Revolutionary new product for keeping those drawings on the skin - Will Keep your marker and pen drawings from wiping right off. No need to outline or bloodline. Continuous touch less...

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  • prep stuff | needlejig Prep Stuff

    Prep Stuff

    Prep Stuff From the makers of Stencil Stuff®… Introducing “Prep Stuff™” “The Prep You Need Before You Tattoo!” Prep Stuff is a revolutionizing new product...

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  • Stencil stuff | individual units

    Stencil Stuff Unit Pack

    Stencil Stuff   40 (2ml Individual Units) For crisp, clean, and sharper transfer.   For longer lasting stress-free precision tattoo stencils. Can reapply stencil image if needed. No...