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COVID-19 Update

  Are You Ready?

Our warehouse is back to a full staff and we are shipping orders daily. Everything you need to ensure a safe and clean work environment from gloves and aprons to cleaners are available for purchase on our site with more stock on its way. Stock up now before you go back to work!

Masks Are Coming

We'll be receiving stock of KN95 face masks any day now.  Due to COVID-19 the demand has pushed prices up but we are doing our best to offer them at the lowest price possible.

Shipping Troubles?

 Some states are refusing delivery to non-essential business addresses and shippers are holding on to the packages for up to 2 weeks before returning it to us without contacting us or the receivers along the way. So, in order to make it easier for you, we are allowing verified customers to ship their orders to their home addresses to avoid long delays, headaches, and additional charges. Please ensure that you are up to date on your local regulations and that you are shipping to the proper locations. We want to help you get the products you need without any inconvenience. 

We will provide updates on the status of our business and customer service operations, if you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly to (413) 443-0618 or email us to

Do your part, stay home, support each other. We will emerge from this experience better than before.

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