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Critical Power Supplies

  • Atom power supply | critical critical's atom power supply black

    Critical's Atom Power Supply

    Critical’s New ATOM Power Supply  The latest in power density!!! Color / voltage relationship, Momentary and maintained pedal modes, Pedal override button (no pedal required for operation). Anodized, precision machined aluminium and...

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  • Critical Atom X tattoo power supply Critical Atom X silver

    Critical's ATOM X Power Supply

    Critical's ATOM X Power Supply  The Critical Tattoo® Atom X Power Supply is easy to operate, replacing the control knob from the former Atom Power Supply with the user-friendly buttons from the CX models. It has a center button to turn the...

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  • Critical CX1-G2 Power Supply | Needlejig critical power supply

    Critical CX1-G2 Power Supply

    Critical CX1-G2 Power Supply What can you expect from the CX1-G2 ? Simple operation with smooth and consistent power from a power supply  no bigger than a pack of cigarettes and at a great price. The unit includes the power adapter an a universal...

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  • Critical CX2-G2 Power Supply | needlejig

    Critical CX2-G2 Power Supply

    Critical CX2-G2 Power Supply Critical’s NEW G2 Series of tattoo power supply units have been re-designed and updated with the latest technology available on the market.  The G2 power supplies can handle any coil or rotary tattoo machine on...

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