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Lining Blacks

  • Blackline Tattoo Ink 16 oz Blackline Tattoo Ink 8 oz


    Blackline Tattoo Ink Blackline is Prime Pigments lining and shading ink. There is a serious pigment load in this ink for clean solid black lines. It goes in smooth, cleans up great and holds its color. Dilute with a 50/50 distilled water and witch hazel...

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  • Dynamic Black Ink - tattoo Ink | Needlejig Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

    Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink

    Dynamic Black Tattoo Ink. (1oz or 8oz) Dynamic Color Co. has been manufacturing high-quality tattoo inks in U.S.A. since 1990. Dynamic ink is created using premium pigments, these pre-dispersed tattoo inks are ideal for new school tattoo artist. Dynamic...

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  • Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink

    Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink

    Dynamic Heavy White Tattoo Ink. ( 8oz)  Non-Mixing Heavy White Dynamic Tattoo Ink   Dynamic’s Heavy White tattoo ink is a pre-dispersed, premium white ink that stands out against the others in the market. While most white inks...

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  • Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink. ( 8oz)

    Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink

    Dynamic Triple Black Tattoo Ink. ( 8oz) Dynamic Triple Black has the same ingredients as the original but with a higher pigment content. Original black is all purpose. Triple is best used for color packing and shading. Hailed by many artists as...

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  • Kuro sumi Outlining tattoo ink

    Kuro Sumi Outlining Ink

    Kuro Sumi Outlining tattoo Ink.  Ideal for any kind of lining work, this stuff heals with bold crisp lines. Kuro Sumi ink is well recognized in the industry for being reliable, easy flowing and healing to great effect. Made in Japan with high...

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  • Eternal Ink | Needlejig Lining Black | Eternal Ink | Needlejig

    Eternal Ink Lining Black

    Eternal Ink Lining Black The standard ink colors here represent Eternal Ink core collection of tattoo inks. These are the colors that Eternal Ink have consistantly created over the years. They capture a wide diversity of color, intensity and value on the...

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  • Basic Black - Fusion tattoo ink

    Fusion Ink Basic Black

    Basic Black - Fusion tattoo ink  Available Sizes:1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8ozThere is really no good way to get a proper representation of the colors due to differences in computer monitor settings. We will be adding descriptions of the colors in the near...

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  • Talens Drawing Ink

    Talens Drawing Ink

    Talens Drawing Ink This shellac-based, water-soluble dye ink can be used with brushes, drawing pens, technical drawing pens, and airbrushes. It can be thinned with water, and becomes waterproof when dry. • For refined and exacting drawing work. NOT...

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  • Starbrite Black Outliner

    Starbrite Black Outliner

    Starbrite Black Outliner Starbrite Black Outliner is a true complete solid black that is perfect for developing smooth lines into the skin. This color is a very versatile black, while It works amazing as an outliner it also offers even more in its...

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  • Starbrite Jet Black Outliner

    Starbrite Jet Black Outliner

    Starbrite Jet Black Outliner If you are looking for a thin lining ink that produces dark crisp lines then this is the one for you. Lining with this color is smooth and simple to get it into the skin without the ink splattering all over the place. If...

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