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Rotary Tattoo Machines

Rotary Tattoo Machines 

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WE only carry the best of the best!!!

We only sell tattoo machines that have a good name in the industry. Many of these tattoo rotary machines have years of testing and improvements, we know the builders personally and we can vouch for their work and attention to detail.   



  • AXYS Rotary Tattoo Machine AXYS Rotary

    AXYS Rotary Tattoo Machine

    AXYS Rotary Tattoo Machine The machine at heart is a direct drive, however it offers many cutting edge features, while bringing a couple nobody else does in one single package. Not only is it at the cutting edge but its affordable. MADE IN USA...

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  • Valhalla Tattoo Pen New Colors Valhalla Tattoo Pen Olive Green

    Axys Valhalla Pen

    Axys Valhalla   | New Colors In Stock NOW  For a limited time  when pre-ordering a machine you will be given the opportunity to add Premium RCA Cord or a Premium Right Angle RCA Cord by Eccentric Devices at 50% off...

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  • halo 2 fk irons FK Irons Halo 2

    FK Irons Halo 2

    FK Irons Halo 2 Changing from Cartridge to Standard Needle setup has never been easier. - The Halo2 features FK Irons' floating collet vise system, allowing you to use standard or Screw-On tubes for cartridges and regular needles. - Grommet-Less Needle...

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  • Spektra direkt 2 Kryptonite FK Irons Spektra 2

    Spektra Direkt 2 by FK Irons

    FK Irons Spektra Direkt 2  Features at a Glance: - Uses Standard Needles and Cartridges with ease- Grommet-less clip-on armature- Patented Spektra Multi-Vise System accepts conventional backstem and screw-on style cartridge grips without the need...

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