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Starbrite Sets

Starbrite INK Sets

  • Starbrite Floral Set

    Starbrite Floral Series

     Starbrite Floral SeriesThis set was mixed by Mark Duhan, one of our Starbrite pro-team artist. He specializes in realistic portrait work but can also do any style of tattoos that is requested. Starbrite Floral Series...

  • Starbrite Sample Kit

    Starbrite Brite White, Canary Yellow, Bubblegum Pink, Scarlet Red, Royal Blue, True Green, Tribal Black, Black Outliner, Venetian Brown, & Deep Purple

  • Starbrite Lunar Greywash Series Starbrite Lunar Greywash Series

    Starbrite Lunar Greywash Series

    Lunar Graywash Series Starbrite Lunar Graywash Series Mixed By Sam Chacon Light Moon - This shade is the lightest of the Lunar Graywash colors. It is best used to map out and fill in the lighter areas; it is the most subtle gray of the Lunar Series...

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  • Starbrite Subterranean Series

    Alien Autopsy, Green Abyss, Ancient Slate, Murky Tomb, Bermuda Triangle, Perma Frost, Blitzkrieg Green, Radioactive Fallout, Fallen Sky, & Swamp Thing

  • Starbrite Payne Portrait Set

    Beach Beige, Dryed Blood, Salmon Sushi, Minty Green, Florida Moss, Brown Sienna, Lippy Tone, Joaos Creamsicle, Purple Purps, Chocolate Strawberry