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We offer a large selection of tattoo inks. Whether you are looking for bold, crisp black lines or something  for those smooth transitions we got you cover!

If you prefer  pre-dispersed tattoo inks for your full color creations, we got those too. We only carry the best brands.

We also offer a 100% Authentic & Genuine Product Guarantee!!! 


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Kuro Sumi
Haiiro Grey Wash 
Prime Pigments 


  • Eternal Ink Zane Grey by Myke Chambers

    Zane Grey, part of the Myke Chambers set by Eternal Ink.   Eternal Ink is a brand trusted by tattoo artists around the world. They lead the way by setting strict standards in product consistency, quality ingredients, and outstanding performance...

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  • Kelly Doty Resurrection Set Kelly Doty eternal ink colors

    Kelly Doty Resurrection Set

     Kelly Doty Resurrection Set (1 oz)  Four Eternal Ink colors were killed-off in the color purge of 2016 ...  and we want to bring them back. We knew we needed help. And not the kind of help that you can get from just anyone. We...

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  • Mike DeVries Perfect Storm Set Mike DeVries Eternal Ink Colors

    Mike DeVries Perfect Storm Set

    Mike DeVries Perfect Storm Set  Renowned tattoo artist, Mike DeVries, has pushed the art of tattoo realism to new levels. His keen sense of color and value brings six new tattoo inks to the Eternal Ink line. A pair of mauves, two dusty blues and...

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  • rember orellana  eternal ink set rember orellana  eternal colors

    Rember Signature Eternal Ink Set

    Rember Signature Eternal Ink Set (1 oz)  Tattoo artist Rember Orellana has developed a style best described as surrealistic gothic. He worked with Eternal Ink to perfect this set of his signature ink hues.  The 10 color set includes a...

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