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White tattoo ink

  • Dynamic White Ink | Dinamic Ink | Needlejig

    Dynamic White Ink

    Dynamic White Ink 1oz or 8oz bottles of Dynamic White Ink. Dynamic Color Co. has been manufacturing high-quality tattoo inks in U.S.A. since 1990. Dynamic ink is created using premium pigments, these pre-dispersed tattoo inks are ideal for new school...

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  • eternal white ink

    Eternal Ink White

    Eternal Ink White  Eternal Ink’s White was the first white in our line-up. It has stood the test of time and remains a top performer. Consistency is smooth with high opacity. Ideal for tinting colors or straight from the bottles for bright...

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  • eternal off white ink

    Eternal Ink M-Series Off White

    Eternal Off White Ink Designed by Mike Devies, and Mario Rosenau, the M series is a dynamic collection of colors formulated for portrait work, realism, and monochromatic tattoos. The M Series delivers versatility with a range of both cool and warm color...

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  • White - Fusion tattoo ink white tattoo ink fusion

    Fusion Ink White

    White - Fusion tattoo ink  Available Sizes:1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8ozThere is really no good way to get a proper representation of the colors due to differences in computer monitor settings. We will be adding descriptions of the colors in the near future.

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  • White | Prime Pigments

    Prime Pigments White

    Prime Pigments White White is a solid bright white, use it for highlights and great for tinting and breaking down tones. Easy to apply you will be surprise of its brilliancy when it heals. We do our best to get the pictures as accurate as possible to...

  • Starbrite Brite White

    Starbrite Brite White

    Starbrite Brite White Starbrite Brite White is the Ultimate White. Hands Down Best White in the Industry, even artist that use other brands use this color as their main ink. This white really stands out when applied as highlights, in grey...

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