Renee Little from Gold Gang Gallery in Oklahoma City sits us down for a talk about some general rules and tips for saturating color and having a quality heal of your color tattoos. Some of the important topics include:

  • Client care
  • Color theory, saturation in design, and how they relate to technical application.
  • Slowing the tattoo machine down
  • Skincare regiment for your client before and after
  • Dry wiping vs. wet wiping.
  • Ointment and glide choices
  • 8-10 needle tapers and how to use them properly. Bug bin vs. Standard
  • Movement, pace, and muscle memory
  • Curved mags
  • Basic client observation of skin type, tone, age, and daily lifestyle
  • Finishing sections at a time
  • Methods of pre-planning beginning to end

Renee also touches on lower lidocaine numbing products to not hyper restrict blood flow, paying attention to paperwork on medications or conditions of blood thinning, and adjusting your appointments to benefit the client.

Renee Little @reneelittletattoos
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May 10, 2021 — gabe ripley

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