• 2024 Rubber City Tattoo Invitational

July 26th-28th  - Akron, OH

The Rubber City Tattoo Invitational is the ultimate tattoo experience, in the heart of downtown Akron at the John S. Knight Center. This event brings together the top tattoo artists from around the country, and attendees can get a new tattoo from one of the many talented artists, check out the latest trends in body art, and even enter their own tattoos in one of several contests, with a chance to win some fabulous prizes. Don't miss out on other exciting events, including our pinup contest, vendor area, and live entertainment all weekend. 

Join Marc as he gives his "What's The Point?" needle seminar for FREE!

  • Paradise Tattoo Gathering 2024

October 24th-27th - Hancock, MA

The Paradise Tattoo Gathering is a unique experience, distinct from typical tattoo conventions. Tucked away in the most serene town in Western Massachusetts, it draws globally renowned tattoo artists and those in pursuit of artistic enlightenment. Here, you'll find yourself enveloped by the tranquility of nature, away from everyday distractions, creating an ideal setting for deep focus. However, what truly sets the Paradise Tattoo Gathering apart is not just its picturesque location. It's the community of artists it assembles a group of the world's most generous and open-hearted tattoo professionals. They come not merely to showcase their skills, but to engage in a shared journey of learning and growth with attendees. These artists are motivated by more than financial gain; they seek to broaden their horizons through mutual exchange of ideas, and to forge lasting, soulful connections that may span years or even decades.