Our most important contribution to the Tattoo world was the creation of the "Round Magnum Theory" and eventually the introduction of premade round magnums needles. Round Magnums (others have referred to them as "curved") produce more even ink saturation that results in more even coloring and shading as well ad reduced trauma to the skin for faster healing. Many others have tried to copy what we do incorrectly and leave some artists disappointed with the idea of Round Magnums. I assure you that if you try our Round Magnums and give them a fair shake that you will be quite happy with the results.

We have been known around the world for quality and consistency in our needles. This journey started with our traditional Needlejig needles on bars around 2000 and our development of Legacy O-ring Cartridges in 2015 and eventually lead to our most popular product the Dynasty Membrane Cartridges released in 2019.

We probably make more needles/groupings than just about any company out there in an effort to provide artists with exactly what they need to accomplish their best work for their clients. I believe that we were the first company to offer #8 (000 bug pins) premade needles when others had no idea that there was even a use for them.

Considering that world famous artists had been using our needles and promoting us we had to take the time and incur the expense of actually developing our own cartridges because our clients would instantly recognize an issue if we simply repackaged readily available generic cartridges like most other companies do. This is why so many cartridges out there seem to be the same with just a different color plastic and packaging. We have been innovating products for Tattooers since the late 1990's and will continue to do so as long as we are around.