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      Legacy O-ring Cartridges

      legacy cartridges

      We are tattooer owned and operated.

      These are the same tattoo needles that you have loved for more than 20 years manufactured by us. Most other needle cartridges on the market are simply molded in another color and then put in a companies box and sold. Ever wonder why most of them seem to be the same, it is because they are.

      We produced our Needle Cartridges utilizing our most popular sizes on traditional needles to get you the results that you and your clients deserve.

      Take a moment to read the reviews on our liner cartridges, round shaders, and magnums you will see why tattooers all over the world prefer our needle cartridges.

      How does Legacy Cartridges compare to the other brands? Click on the link below and find out

      Legacy cartridges Review

      We also carry MEMBRANE needle cartridges.