Prime Pigments started in 2006 when I was having a hard time getting the large ink manufacturers to allow me to distribute their inks. I had mixed my own inks on and off for years before and had even been shown a few "secrets" by Rick Walters and Tennessee Dave James back in the day.

Prime Pigments started out as a very thin and easy to apply ink because that was what people wanted at that point in time but as times changed so did the formulation. I kept increasing the pigment load and viscosity over the years until I actually had some people start to complain that some colors were too thick. I thought that it was a little weird that people were upset that I was giving them more for their money but I also understood that most Tattooers do not want to make any adjustments to products and want to just focus on the art and not think about thinning ink when needed. Recently I have spent a lot of time reformulating Prime Pigments once again taking into consideration everything that I have learned over the years and the new inks are by far the best that I have ever produced so do not be afraid to try a few and get back to me with your honest opinion. After all that is how products get better over time and we continue to grow as a craft.

Prime Pigments are organic based and vegan friendly inks. We obtain our pigments from a professional US chemical company to avoid contaminants. They are mixed in small batches to ensure quality and consistency using modern technology and equipment in a clean and safe environment.