Needlejig created the Round Magnum Theory in the 1990's and virtually every Tattoo Artist on the planet uses them now. In the illustrations enclosed the red horizontal wavy line represents the skin and the way that it depresses when the tattoo needles hit the surface. A square needle grouping has all of the pressure on the outside needles and very little resistance on the center needles. This means that the outside needles penetrate first and deeper than the center needles. In order to get solid color from the center needles then the outside needles are going deeper than really necessary. This can lead to chewing up the skin along the needle groupings edges. If you only go deep enough for the outside needles to color in a solid manner you will most likely end up too light in the center which leads to holidays in some areas. With a round nose needle grouping the needle penetrate a far more uniform depth when the skin depresses around the shape of the grouping because there is a more equal resistance on each needle. My results and the artists that work for me as well as a number of friends in the business have had outstanding results with these needle groupings. Round nosed needle groupings have been around for years but artists have had to make their own jigs out of things around the shop. I have spent a good deal of time trying different curves for different sizes and believe that I have come up with a solid product to help tattoo artists make needles that will allow them to perform more solid work with less effort.

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