Gripitz Tubes started out in the early 2000's but were called "Clear Rinse". We were the first company to produce clear plastic disposable tubes in order to let Tattooers see that the tubes were rinsed completely to avoid color contamination when tattooing.

I think that it was probably around 2012 when I decided to change the name because too many foreign suppliers were copying the tubes and at lower quality. It was also pointed out to me that "Clear Rinse" sounded too much like "Clearance" and seeing how I am not known for low end merchandise I decided to rebrand the products. At that time I also decided to emboss the brand name into the grips to prevent counterfeit products. I designed the new ergonomic shape and added the raised nubs around the entire surface to reduce any slippage while tattooing with wet/lubricated gloves.

The addition of foam grip sleeves was a couple years later after understanding better the effects that tattooing since 1992 had on my hands and wrists. Comfort and reduced muscle fatigue will definitely lengthen your careers so pay close attention to your tubes, grips and machine weight.