Flip Aluminum Cartridge Grip by Eccentric Devices

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Flip Grip Color

Eccentric Devices Flip Aluminum Cartridge Grip

The Eccentric Devices Flip Cartridge Grip was designed to give artists a one piece easy to clean and sterilize cartridge grip. All other cartridge grips on the market before it have multiple parts that left areas that could not be cleaned properly to aid in proper sterilization. No more potential bacteria traps when using the Flip and standard cross contamination techniques.

Another unique design in the Flip cartridge grip is that there are 5 finger contours around the front edge of the grip opposed to the four on other grips. Seeing how our cartridge can be inserted in two positions 180 degrees apart from each other the Flip allows you to do just that. "Flip" the grip for a different feeling in your hand and find what is most comfortable for you.

The Flip cartridge grip works with all of your favorite needle cartridges.

Approximately 1" diameter by 3" in length.

For the time being you can have any color at all that you wish as long as it is black. I will consider more colors later as production numbers increase.

Made here in the USA on site out of air craft aluminum and professional anodized for many years of reliability.