#10 Round (Curved) Magnum Dynasty Membrane Cartridges

#10 Round (Curved) Magnum Membrane  Tattoo Needle Cartridges | Dynasty

These Curved Magnums are great for blending, packing color and smooth grays.

They are made with our long taper needles 3.0 mm like our Round Shaders.

Dynasty membrane Cartridges are produced with Needlejig needles in a clear high-density housing with the perfect tension and the added protection of a membrane. (no more back-flow concerns)

We have over 20 years of experience producing high-quality tattoo needles and needle cartridges.

20 pieces per box*

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To clarify how we label our needles, this grouping will read;1007RM 1009RM 1011RM 1013RM 1015RM 1017RM 1027RM 1041RM

*PLEASE NOTE the 41 Round Magnum are only available 10 to a box