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      Round aka Curved - Magnums

      These round aka curved magnums are ideal for color blending and soft greys, if you use traditional tattoo needles try our textured curved mags, one pass color packing.

      These round magnums have just the right arch.


      Round Magnum Needles Theory     


      Marc Lescarbeau developed the Round Magnum Theory in the mid to late '90s. He followed it up by creating the Round Magnum Jig, bringing this needle configuration into popularity in the Tattoo industry.

      In the illustration above, the horizontal wavy line represents the skin and how it depresses when the tattoo needle hits the surface. A square needle grouping has all of the pressure on the outside needles and very little resistance on the center needles. This means that the outer needles penetrate first and more profound than the center needles.

      You will most likely end up too light in the center ( the so-called holidays) and traumatizing the skin along the needle grouping edge.

      With a round nose needle grouping, the needle penetrates evenly into the skin producing solid color and less trauma.