#08 Round Magnum Bugpin Legacy O-ring Cartridges

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Needle Grouping Size

#08 Round Magnum (Curved) Bugpin Legacy Tattoo Needle Cartridges

The Round Magnums are made with our long taper (3.0mm) bug pin needles like our Round Shaders.

After years of study, we are finally releasing Legacy Tattoo Needle Cartridges. Now you can get our famous quality tattoo needles in the convenient cartridge form.

These are the same tattoo needles that you have loved for more than a decade manufactured by us. Most other cartridges on the market are simply molded in another color and then put in a companies box and sold. Ever wonder why most of them seem to be the same, it is because they are.

Utilizing our most popular sizes on traditional needles to get you the results that you and your clients deserve. We will be adding more groupings as time goes on. Please let us know what sizes you would like to see that are not currently available.

20 pieces per box

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To clarify how we label our needles, this grouping will read; 0807RM 0809RM 0811RM 0815RM 0817RM 0821RM 0833RM