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If you missed out on the event you can still watch all of the seminars
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Needlejig Northeast Meetup 2022

October 24th & 25th

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Hancock, MA

Meetup Starts In

Something Different

Needlejig Tattoo Supply is hosting it's first meetup for Tattooers of all skill levels at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort in Hancock, Ma, on October 24th and 25th, 2022. The two-day event will include seminars and panels to share knowledge and experience in a serene and low key environment with like minded artists who desire to get to the next level in their careers.

Mondays Events

  • Frank DeMao • Coverup Seminar
  • Renee Little • Saturation Seminar
  • Marc Lescarbeau • Whats The Point Needle Seminar
  • Speed Networking
  • Brian Brown • Painting Into The Night

Tuesdays Events

  • Aarron WIlliams from Tattcom Talks Tech
  • Tara Quinn • Pets & Caricature Seminar
  • Fast Ali • Realistic Nipple Tattooing Step by Step
  • Marc Lescarbeau & Tom Ringwalt Talk Finance
  • Event Brainstorming

Can't make it? We offer digital tickets too! Get access to all the content from the comfort of your home.

Meet The Experts

This great group of people has truly excelled in this business. It takes a lot more than just knowledge. You need to be driven, communicate that knowledge, and continually learn from others. These fine folk embrace those same ideas and are here to get you to that next level.

Marc Lescarbeau, Needlejig founder

Marc Lescarbeau

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Marc Lescarbeau developed the Round Magnum Theory in the late 1990s out of a never stopping creative impulse; this evolved into a full-scale tattoo supplies company. After 30 years in the industry and several successful brands, he has decided to make his next challenge the sharing of his experience and knowledge. 

Tom Ringwalt

Tom Ringwalt

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Tom Ringwalt has been around the tattoo industry since he was ten. he partnered with his father, Tommy Ringwalt Sr, in 2004 to run Tommy’s Supplies and StarBrite Color. Come to learn from his experience how to manage and grow your business.  

Aaron William

Aaron Williams

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Aaron Williams is the founder of Tattcom and the creator of the ESC/x (the most advanced power supply on the market). He'll discuss the future of power supplies in the tattoo industry. 

Frank DeMao

Frank DeMao

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Frank DeMao is a veteran Tattoo Artist located in Willington, CT. He specializes in realism in black and grey work. His work is grainy and rich in textures; his seminar is the Methodology of color cover-ups

Brian Brown

Brian Brown

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Brian Brown is a dark tattoo artist and painter; he focuses on large-scale tattooing and is a specialist in creating a deliberate atmosphere for a tattoo studio experience. He'll be sharing his knowledge of Painting theory.

Renee Little

Renee Little

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Renee Little has been tattooing for 16 years; she is a mentor, a painter, and a successful business owner. She excels in large, intricate full color or black and grey pieces and specializes in scar camouflage. She'll discuss how to achieve proper color saturation. 

Tara Quinn

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Tara Quinn is a local Berkshires talent; her ability to melt the cute and the grotesque into a new school, caricature piece, makes her work unique. She designed the artwork for the meetup, and her seminar is about Cartoon Pet Portraits. 

Alli Ching

Fast Ali

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Ali Chin has been a tattoo artist for over 12 years. She is passionate about using her skills to help breast cancer survivors. She provides free Areola Restoration procedures in Cranford, NJ. Her seminar will be on areola restoration. 
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Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

This is a beautiful mountain resort not far from the Needlejig warehouse that will be a different setting that what you are used to for a tattoo event. You can learn more about Jiminy Peak Here and they are offerning us a room rate of $125/night if you mention "Tattoo" when booking your room.

www.jiminypeak.com 37 Corey Rd Hancock, MA 01237 413-738-5500