Thank you for attending the Needlejig Northeast Meetup 2022 virtually. Here are the documents created for you to follow along with Marc's talks.


Monday's talk with Marc Lescarbeau "What's The Point?"

What's The Point Document - A lot of information about tattoo needles that I would be willing to bet that most companies selling needles do not properly understand. My hope is that you will have a better understanding of your tools after this talk and if you have any additional questions please ask.


Tuesdays talk with Marc Lescarbeau and Tom Ringwalt about finance.

Financial Presentation Document - Some basic information and my views on money and retirement. This will be a work in progress and I am hoping to expand the topics once I have a better idea on what people really want to know so please give me input. I am happy to share the answers if I have them and if not then I will try hard to get those answers for you from the network or professionals that I have gathered over time. 

Retirement Spreadsheet - This is a sheet that I have spent a good bit of time compiling. I believe that it is error free but let me know if you find any. You will not be able to edit the online version. Simply save a copy to your own google drive or download a copy in whatever format you use for spreadsheets. Then should be able to change the values in the green boxes to see what it will take to get you where you want to be at retirement.

Monthly Budget Spreadsheet Here is the link to the budget spreadsheet that Tom Ringwalt created to share with you all. It is fairly basic and easy to understand but just enter your dollar amounts into the fields and the totals will be calculated for you. If you need any help or additional fields for entries just let us know and we can customize it for you.