Goodtime Charlie Cartwright, Tattoo History And The Heritage Project

January 03, 2022 — Fernando Leon

Tattoo Convention Tips - Experienced Tattoo Artist Advice

Tattoo conventions are coming back! Would you like some tips, tricks, professional insights, and downloadable checklists to help you with your next shows? Then this is the video for you....
August 27, 2021 — Fernando Leon

Let's Talk Tattoo with Sean Ozz

July 19, 2021 — gabe ripley

Let's Talk Tattoo with Steve De Los Reyes

June 14, 2021 — gabe ripley

Let's Talk Tattoo with Amy Shandick

Amy Shandick talking about her journey to become a tattoo artist, a shop owner, an entrepreneur, and how to manage the chaos of managing a tattoo shop using her own...
May 18, 2021 — gabe ripley

Color Saturation with Renee Little

A general rule and tips for saturating color and having a quality heal. Client care Color theory, saturation in design, and how they relate to technical application. slowing the tattoo...
May 10, 2021 — gabe ripley

π‘π¨π­πšπ«π² 𝐯𝐬 𝐂𝐨𝐒π₯ π“πšπ­π­π¨π¨ 𝐌𝐚𝐜𝐑𝐒𝐧𝐞𝐬?

00:00​ - Why listen to Marc about Rotary Tattoo Machines?01:09​ - Lets Talk Tattoo! Benefits of Rotaries - Dangers of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Consistency. efficiency.03:24​ - Downsides to Rotary Tattoo...
May 01, 2021 — gabe ripley

Chris Mack on Let's Talk Tattoo

Chris Mack owner of @LostSoulStudio, a Tattoo shop located in Racine WI, and Marc Lescarbeau, will be talking about the journey to become a tattooer. The benefits of traveling to...
April 29, 2021 — gabe ripley

Adrian Albelo Interview

Adrian Albelo owner of Inkhouse 203 Tattoo Studio. Talking about the nuances of black and grey tattooing. Composition, cartridges, and ink used, pain tolerance, saturation, and his journey to becoming...
April 06, 2021 — gabe ripley

Myke Chambers on Let's Talk Tattoo

The one and only Myke Chambers will be chatting with Marc about the recent events in the tattoo world and his journey of becoming a tattoo artist. The fun starts...
March 24, 2021 — gabe ripley

Holli Marie from Flats Tattoos on Let's Talk Tattoo

Holli Marie on Let's Talk Tattoo. MarcΒ interviewsΒ Holli Marie @hollimarieart, a traditional tattoo artist who participated in ink master season 12 and is tattooing out of @flatstattoos Groton, CT.
March 22, 2021 — gabe ripley

Aaron from Tattcom on Let's Talk Tattoo - Live with Marc

We'll have a live chat with Aaron Williams, the mastermind behind Tattcom; he will explain and answer questions about the new ESC/x Power Supply Kit. Stop by and get informed....
March 19, 2021 — gabe ripley