ESCx Power Supply Kit by Tattcom

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ESCx Power Supply by Tattcom

Don't sacrifice performance for convenience. Not having a cord is convenient, but don't you rather have the best tattooing experience possible?

The most advanced power supply on the market, it regulates voltage to overcome skin resistance and keep your machine speed constant. 

Run lower speeds than ever before while still retaining the same hitting power! Get accurate speed readings from your brush less and coil machines.

The app for it makes it hands-free.

The TATTCOM ESCx Control App also provides additional functions, such as voice commands and updating device

If you want to learn more about the capabilities of this Power Supply you can learn more by watching Aaron Williams demonstrating how the 𝗘𝗦𝗖/𝘅 works. Click here for video

*Note - ESCx mode only supported on brushed rotary machines
  • Proprietary machine-specific motor control software drivers.
  • Smart start calibration starts even the hardest machines.
  • Speed (Hz) or Volt (v) dual modes of operation.
  • 1/4"-20 threaded mount. 
  • Multi-Function clamp with ball head arm included.
  • Capacitive touch buttons that will never wear out.
  • Flash memory saves all user settings.
  • The screen flip option allows the unit to be run in multiple orientations.
  • Switchcraft® locking power connector.
  • Rean® all-metal 1/4" machine and pedal jacks rated to 5000+ mating cycles. 
  • Dual configurable I/O ports (machine/pedal)
  • 5 machine calibration banks.
  • 5 speed and 5 voltage preset for each calibration bank. 
  • High contrast 2.4" OLED screen with wide viewing angle.
  • Wireless Bluetooth® foot pedal coming soon! (sold separately)
  • Mobile apps provide touch-less voice control options to reduce cross-contamination.
  • Over-the-air device firmware updates with Bluetooth mobile app.
  • iOS™ and Android™ devices supported.
  • IP67 enclosure and sealed connectors prevent any contamination from ever reaching inside the unit.
  • Dual voltage power adapter included for international operation (110/220v).
  • 2 pack calibration cartridges included.