NIko Hurtado Bob Tyrell

Carlos Rojas Myke Chambers


Shane Oneill Mat Valles

 Mike Pinto Stephane Ghaudesaiues

 Chris Bijolle Brad Buehrle

 Hector Cedillo Justin Buduo

 Amy Shandick  Adrian Albelo

 Eric Diaz Elijah Nguyen 

 Renee Little Frank DeMao

 Billy spACEy Lyons Matt Kramer

 Evalo Valencia Mae La Roux

These are some of the famous artists that proudly support Needlejig. If we somehow forgot to get you listed here we are sorry and please let us know so we can get that corrected for you.

Sponsorship Information

If you have an interest in becoming sponsored by Needlejig Tattoo Supply then you need to understand a few things. It is not just about discounted or free items because you are special. All of the people listed above purchased and used our products for a while because they believed in them and a sponsorship is our way of saying thank you for their support and helping us spread the word about our brands. In fact there are many tattooers out there flying our flags at conventions just to show support without any rewards at all.

If you are still interested:

  1. Buy our brands and see if you like them. You would be surprised at how many people that call or message and want a sponsorship and have never used our brands. People just looking for a handout definitely will not get it.
  2. Don't ask right away, if you are using our brands and spreading the word we should be hearing your name a lot and we will try and take notice. If we do not notice and you know that you have been sending us a lot of business then and only then it might be appropriate to ask.
  3. We need to know and like you and your work. It really does not do us any good to have artists out there that try and promote us with weak to mediocre tattoos and bad attitudes.
  4. The different levels of sponsorship are based on a number of different things including how well known you are and the amount of exposure you can give our brands. Those two factors will dictate what level of sponsorship you receive.
  5. If you have made it this far then go ahead and fill out this Sponsorship Request Form and then just sit back and hope for the best but please realize that we can not possibly respond to every request and very few requests actually end up in a sponsorship based on the shear numbers alone. It does not mean that we don't love you. It probably means that we are simply at capacity for the time being.