25mm (1 Inch) Gripitz Disposable Cartridge Grip

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Disposable Cartridge Grip 25mm (1 Inch) Gripitz

These Gripitz disposable cartridge tubes have a nice 25mm(1 inch) custom textured rubber grip that will not slip or turn on the tube due to a new manufacturing process.

These cartridge tubes have a great locking mechanism and come with an 85mm pusher bar for each tube.
They work well with all common needle cartridges.

High-quality rubber grip transparent disposable tattoo tubes made from a special high-density plastic makes life a lot easier not having to worry about the time spent scrubbing tubes or making sure that your autoclave is constantly working properly. Just open them use them and get rid of them. A small price to pay considering the time saved and no chance of cross contamination from one client to the next.

Available in boxes of 25 tubes.

Each tube and pusher bar are individually blister packaged, sterilized, labeled with lot number, manufacture, date and expiration date.