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Prime Pigments 36 Color Artisan Set

This set includes: Ghost, Void, Dirt, Panther, Halt, Juice, Peach, Canary, Lime, Sea, Sapphire, Purrrple, Slate, Sunshine, Turquoise, Orchid, Fire, Neutral, Jade, Sky, Caramel, Crimson, Parrot, Chocolate, Midnight, Harvest, Olive, Dead, Leather, Fuchsia, Socks, Sunflower, Deep, Velvet, Aqua and Dookie.

This set is a great way to try out a variety of Prime Pigments without investing in the complete set.

Prime Pigments are a vegan friendly tattoo ink that uses the best organic pigments available. Made in small batches since 2006 for consistency, the high-quality pigments provide the best coverage and the brightest healing colors on the market.

Available in 1/2oz, 1oz and 2oz bottles

**We do our best to get the pictures as accurate as possible to the actual ink colors but please remember that all computer monitors are adjusted a little differently.