#08 Round Magnums Needles On Bars

#08 Round Magnums (aka Curved Magnum On Bar)

These Round Magnum tattoo needles are ideal for soft greys and beautiful color blending. Because of the 0.25mm diameter, they cause very little trauma to the skin.

They are made with #08 long taper (3.0mm) pins to allow for a nice shading and coloring groupings.

These curved mags have the perfect arch, (not too steep) We have over 20 years of experience manufacturing high-quality tattoo needles. We Are Tattooer Owned.

Needlejig is known around the world for having superior quality and some of the most consistent needles available anywhere. Our needles are used by some of the biggest names in the business and we all know that having the right tools makes your job a whole lot easier.

Some say that the rounded shape or curve along the front of the needles works better than the traditional magnums.
See Round Magnums Theory for more details.

Each needle is premade, individually blister packaged, sterilized, labeled with lot number, manufacture date, and expiration date.

50 Per Box

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0807RM use 5F Tube
0809RM use 7F Tube
0811RM use 9F Tube
0815RM use 11F Tube
0817RM use 13F Tube
0821RM use 15F Tube
0833RM use 23F Tube

Note: Our 0811RM and our 0831RM are no longer available and have been replaced with our 0813RM and 0833RM to fit in the tubes better.

To clarify how we label our needles, this grouping will read; 0807RM 0809RM 0811RM 0813RM 0815RM 0817RM 0821RM 0833RM