Switch Direct Drive Rotary by Eccentric Devices

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"Switch" Direct Drive Rotary by Eccentric Devices

This rotary tattoo machine is called "Switch" for its ability to easily change stroke lengths for increased precision and control during tattoo sessions. To alter the stroke length, loosen the set screw with the included hex key and rotate the bearing housing to fit your ideal stroke length. This easy to use feature makes the stroke length on these machines infinitely variable between 2.4mm-4.4mm.

The "Switch" utilizes a Maxon motor, which keeps the machine small and lightweight, yet powerful. The machine gives off very little vibration at the short to medium throw, with slightly more vibration with the long throw.

The "Switch" showcases a sleek black design with a brass vise knob that helps to distribute weight evenly throughout the machine. Weighing in at around .25lbs, "The Switch" is a compact, expertly designed rotary tattoo machine that is sure to become your new favorite.

  • Easily switch stroke length between between 2.4mm-4.4mm
  • Lightweight construction - around .25lbs
  • Small, yet powerful Maxon motor
  • Classic, matte black design
  • Can be used as a liner or shader