FK Irons Edge X

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FK Irons Edge X

The first completely versatile dedicated cartridge machine! All options packed into one machine without the need for additional Hardware.

Pivoting Stainless Steel Drive-bar
-The Drivebar will work with our RPG Cartridge Grips, both disposable and autoclavable, along with the Hawk screw on adjustable grips. The pivoting DriveBar pivots on its end join self aligning to with the cartridge when the machine is active. This stabilizes the bar and needle without the need of bushings causing additional friction and noise.

Reinvented Vise Design
- All new patent pending MultiVise System accepts conventional back stem and screw-on style cartridge grips without the need for adapters.

Aircraft Aluminum Enclosure
- CNC crafted from one solid rod of 6061 T6 aluminum, mirror polished and anodized for ultimate durability

Self Lubricating Slider
- All new slider material reduces friction and wear prolonging the life of parts; virtually maintenance free

Ball Bearing Slider Stabilization
- Ensures accurate glide of the slider while reducing friction and noise delivering a smooth performance with no axial play.

Adjustable Stroke
- Change the stroke from 2.8-4.2mm (with variable options in between) without the need for interchangeable parts.

Variable Give On-the-fly
-"Variable On-the-Fly" Micro Dialed Give Adjustment. One full turn of the Dial takes you from no give to full give.
(Only available on Spektra Edge X)

Hex Drive Mechanism
- Patent pending hex drive mechanism allows the motor to be detached while canceling axial load on the shaft. The Edge uses the same HexDrive MotorBolt as the Direkt, this means that if you have a Direkt you can interchange MotorBolts.

Made in the USA

This machine is not compatible with standard needles and tubes, cartridge style needles only.