Rinse Cup Solidifier (Scum Safe)

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"Scum Safe" Rinse Cup Solidifier

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Scum Safe is the latest in rinse cup solidifiers. The quick and easy way to dispose of your rinse cup waste. You only need about 1gm (1/5 tsp) per 2-3oz of water in your cup and watch it solidify quickly. Then safely dispose with the rest of your bio-hazard waste without the mess of a potential spill.

Nobody wants to deal with the mess of bio-hazard spills so simply use this tattoo powder clean up to "Lock-That-Up".

Available in 8oz bottle, 1qt (1.75 lb), 1gal (7 lb) and 3.5gal (25 lb) pails.

Quality Tattoo Supply Products by a Tattooer Owned and Operated Company.

This product is non-toxic but do not get in the eyes or mouth. Store in a cool dry place and keep away from children.