Shipwreck Irons Shader Machine 5

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Pink Coils Shipwreack Irons Shader (Olive Green Coils)

Shipwreck Irons Tattoo Machine Co. was established in February of 2011. It began with an urge to create things, and a passion to tinker.

Handmade machine frames with handmade hardware, powder coated with 8 wrap high end coils.

Product Features:

  • Hand made Steel frame
  • Powder coat frame finish
  • Handmade brushed steel front and rear binders
  • Handmade Armature bar
  • Olive green 8 wrap 1.25" Coils with pink coil cover
  • Long throw.
  • Soft hit
  • Good for shading and whip shading with larger mags
  • 103hz @ 6v unloaded